45w cob led track light dimmable zoomable for large photography lighting

45w cob led track light dimmable zoomable for large photography lighting

Model No.︰8912

Brand Name︰dothelight

Country of Origin︰China

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LED Lighting Revolution Of 3D Focusable Technology Led Track Light For art exhibition sculpture lighting



Brand: Fitech Material: Aluminum Body Color: White,Black
Input Voltage: AC100-240V LED Source:Sharp COB Color Temperature:3000k,4000k
Item No.:8912 Power: 45w Recommended place:art gallery,museum,shopping mall
Installing:2/3/4 wires track Beam Angle: 10-43° dimming:0~10V dimming

8912 1.1-spec of led spotlights



3D(1.1)Focusable Track spotlight(Old Camera)

1.The 360°sea level rotation can meet the need of the full range light projecting
2. 12°-43°Beam Angle variable function offers you more freedom for the lighting design, the brightness and the illuminating scope can be changed according to the illuminated objects.
3.Profession optical LENS is designed to match the accurate focus control function. Make the light more perfect and it can restore the real appearance of the illuminated objects
4.Its High energy-efficient heat sink makes its life span longer
5.3D focus control technology can make the central intensity move up and down according to your needs.
6.0~10V dimming built in.Control the light is not a problem.


The principle of focusable function is changing the distance from the light source to optical lens,like a zoomable camera.With this focusable technology,it's easy to change beam angle to match the different size of subjects which are needed to lighting.No matter big angle or small angle,both of these angles,one ledingthelife led track light can make it all happen.3D series NO.8707 beam angle can be adjustable from 12 degrees to 43 degrees smoothly.The gif and video can show you more about adjustable beam angle technology.how-3D-focus-led-track-light-adjust-beam-angle-stepless In museum lighting or art gallery lighting projects,we always meet some troubles in illuminating large pictures--the light from the high ceiling,then it's too bright on the top of the pictures,but it's too dim on the bottom of the pictures.Like this below picture 'BEFORE'.(The picture of Princess Diana is 1.5meter height).That is a nightmare for the pictures.It totally ruins an artwork. In order to solve this problem,fitech lighting developed 3D focusable function.How to make 3D happen?Just adjust the lens up and down to change the position of central intensity so that it can make the light much more uniform on the picture,not on the top,but on the bottom. Compare the illumination before 3D function and After 3D function,it's obvious to tell what the difference with 3D function.

Height Before After
2.0M a=314lx a'=220lx
1.5M b=408lx b'=336lx
1.0M c=250lx c'=324lx
0.5M d=126lx d'=148lx

what the difference after using 3D function how 8704 3D focus led track light adjust the position of central intensityThe main point of this technology is

There is not only including the above "Focus Control Technology" But also it can focus the light into an equally illuminated circle. The Original 3D(1.1)focus control technology of fitech lighting can change the position of central intensity then make the the top or bottom of light spot relatively uniform. Such a uniformity of light that means the illuminated object should get a perfect equal light distribution for your whole object (Example:On the top of the illuminated object,there will not be too bright,and at the bottom of the illuminated object there will not be too dark) lighting fixture of 3D focusable spotlight diagram of how to adjust the position of central intensity   rotation 360 degrees


Track lighting is quite versatile, and commonly used in museum,galleries, commercial lighting and art studio lighting.Ledingthelife offers complete track lighting solutions for new installations, retrofits or to supplement existing installations.

Art work lighting project in Thailand art space room showcase thailand art space romm showcase using 3d Chinese Art Work Studio Lighting Project In Nanjing University 3D-led-focus-spotlight-for-paintings-lightingProduct Detailsproduct-details-of-8704-mini-3d-focus-led-track-light_01product-details-of-8912-3d-focus-led-track-lightproduct-details-of-8704-mini-3d-focus-led-track-light_03made of high quality aluminum,good cooling system LED CHIP
Selected imported high end LED chip, the quality and light efficiency is higher. The life span is longer.

Accurate Zoomable
By pushing or pulling the front part of the light, different size of the beam cone and brightness can be realized. The beam angle is from 12 to 43 degrees adjustable. No light is wasted, another way of energy saving. It is a Multi-function in one light.

Optical LENS design Profession optical
LENS is designed to match the accurate focus control function. Make the light more perfect.

High quality aluminum
The product adopts a special simple but classical design of the heat sink. It is high efficient in heat dissipation and reduce the brightness degradation to a great extent.  
how to install 8912 led track lightOld Camera Series3D focus 4 pcs track light

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